The Brusselton Incline Group

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We are a group of local people in the Shildon area of County Durham whom have established this group with the aim of restoring the historic Brusselton Incline and associated bridges,

Brusselton Incline is a scheduled ancient monument so too is the accommodation bridge.

Brusselton Incline over the years has been left to decay and become overgrown with weeds and shrubs, Our group worked to clear the vegetation and reopen the Incline as a footpath.

Brusselton Incline Group Work Party

The accommodation bridge was badly damaged in July 2013 when thieves stole stone from the bridge, working with Durham County Council we repaired the damage and restored the bridge to it’s former glory.

Brusselton Incline Group formally merged with the Friends of the Stockton & Darlington Railway in September 2017. They are continuing work to maintain the Brusselton incline with support from the Friends. They are always looking for volunteers to help, if you would like to volunteer please contact BIG using the form below: