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​Welcome to our Archives page. Here you will find primary source information to help with your research into the S&DR. We have tried only to include archival information that is out of copyright or has been transcribed by one of our members. If we have inadvertently included material that is copyrighted, please let us know.

To find what you are looking for, either browse by scrolling down or use the search box. Publications relating to the S&DR can be found on our Publications page.


1822 The Laying of the First Rail on the 22nd May useful resource material collated by Peter Bainbridge

1823 Act of Parliament transcribed by Peter Bainbridge

1837 Act of Parliament for Bishop Auckland & Weardale

Hackworth Archive

Henry Pease’s Speech 1875

Ibbetson Archive

John Proud Collection | S&DR House Plaques

John Proud Collection | S&DR Early Locomotives

Illustrated London News

Newspaper Item SDR 1825

Durham County Advertiser 1 October 1825 transcribed by Peter Bainbridge

Stephenson Map From Beamish

Railways Act 1821 transcribed by Peter Bainbridge

S&D Railway Act 19 April 1821

Samuel Holmes Preface

Stephenson’s Book of Reference transcribed by Professor Alan Townsend

The Graphic 25th September 1875

The Mike Satow Collection by Keith Pattison