Early Locomotives from the John Proud Collection

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John Proud Collection Copyright Statement

The John Proud collection consists of a number of photographs of locomotives, S&DR houses with the distinctive S&DR plaques and S&DR buildings and structures, mostly taken by John Proud in the 1970s. The collection has been scanned by Susan Nixon and Jane Hackworth-Young. However some of the collection consists of photographs copied, with permission, from other sources by John Proud. We have removed these from this online version of the collection to avoid breaching copyright. Those that remain on this page are available to use courtesy of John’s wife, Win Proud. If images are used in publications whether online or not, or in talks, please use the following acknowledgement:

Photo: The John Proud Collection, courtesy of Win Proud and the Friends of the Stockton & Darlington Railway.

You may also wish to cite this web page and date of access.

There are a few photographs which are labelled as being copyright JHY. Where these are used, please use the following acknowledgement instead:

Photo: courtesy of Jane Hackworth-Young and the Friends of the Stockton & Darlington Railway.

As above you may wish to cite the web page and date of access too.