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Partial letter from Timothy Hackworth dated 9th March 1825 regarding his future employment with the S&DR Company.

The original letter is from the Hackworth Archive at Search Engine at the NRM, York.

Dear Sir

I ‘duely’ received yours dated the 9th of March 1825

Having just returned from Darlington methinks I am in duty  bound to write you a true + particular account relative to the case in hand.  I (confess) to me it seem mysterious a full month is gone which is more weeks than ever I lost days in ….

(and) life before to me. Dear Sir it is a serious loss under different circumstances but as I expected every day to after with ….

….you so kindly offered it tended to keep my….

in some sort quiet thinking that this might for a ….

compensate the loss.  I thought of writing after receiving yours but having a little conversation with my late good Master + as lots of time in an ‘object’ it was thought best for me to go over to Darlington without delay having thus done I sent from the Inn for Mr Joseph Pease ….

having part knowledge of him from our former interview but how was I surprised to learn ther(e have) been no conversations between you + him not (with) standing I had been expecting a letter from (him) for five weeks I proposed to them your letter ………….

him candidly the ‘first’ part of my errand

condescending both he + Mr Pease senior….

after Dinner.  I think him sensible, pleasant a good Man we had a good deal of conversation from which I plainly inferred there was no opening for me as Mr Story is inclined to stay from what was said + is not a a Servant to them but to yourself + it is obvious that while he or John Dixon remains with them they need me other Mr Pease senior asked wherein I cou(ld) make myself useful to them I told him part of what had passed between you + myself relative to (what) you pointed out to me he said the whole of the machinery you had contracted for your..

department + they had nothing to do with it

until the whole erections are finished I therefore …..

Transcription by Mandy Llewellyn

Letter from Timothy Hackworth dated 28 February 1825 regarding his future employment with the S&DR. The original letter is part of the Hackworth Archive at the NRM, York.

Dear Sir

Since I saw you have had a tour to Darlington, and have been expecting a letter from Mr Pease this fortnight past he told me that (illegible) the company had nothing to do with the appointment but they wished to see me.  He further said that you had (missing piece of text) the whole management neither did they think that you would appoint anyone unfit for the situation. However at length I have received a letter from Mr Story intimating that both our services will be wanted yet if I understand (aright?/ missing piece of text/ illegible) seems something doubtful. As the whole rests with yourself be so kind as write me that I (may?) know whether you think my services (missing text) needed or not. If you think well you may write Mr Pease & Company your real sentiments and to the propriety of sending a man into the situation you intend me. I have finished my bargin (bargain?) therefore your (illegible) is the more desirable as you will evidently perceive that I must not stand still more particularly when you are given to understand my weight of (missing text) (illegible) my Wife was brought to (Bed?/ missing text) last night off two fine little boys and both she and they are seeming to do well.

Febry 28- 1825.

Transcription by Michelle Armstrong