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Mike Satow Archive by Keith Pattison

This stunning selection of photographs recording the construction of the replica Locomotion No.1 for the S&DR 150 celebrations in 1975 have been donated to the Friends of the S&DR by Keith Pattison.

Keith took these photographs between January and May 1975.

The project to construct the replica was led by Mike Satow. The plan was to build it with no budget and as a training programme for engineering students and apprentices in the North East of England. They also needed substantial support from industry because some parts could not be made by trainees. It was a tough time to ask for support because the country was going through a period of strike action by miners and railway workers and a three day week had been introduced to save electricity. But that support was received and the project was a success. In Mike’s own words: ‘The idea was regarded by many people as crazy and impossible. From my point of view it was an act of faith, faith that there is still a pioneering spirit in man waiting to be awakened.’

These photographs have not been published elsewhere ever, but have been sitting in a box for 50 years. Keith Pattison would like more people to appreciate the remarkable achievement of Mike Satow and all the team who worked on the project. The archive also consists of a booklet written by F Satow, Mike G. Satow and L.S. Wilson,  ‘Locomotion. Concept to creation…the story of the reproduction 1973-5’.

A note on copyright: Keith Pattison will retain copyright but the Friends of the S&DR are free to use as they wish. If anyone else wishes to use these photos please ask using the contact details on this web site.

Download the PDF of the book here.

Mike Satow preparing documents of Locomotion no.1