Agenda for Trustees meeting on the 5th July 2021 (via zoom)

Meeting Agendas, Members

FS&DR TRUSTEES AGENDA; Monday 5th  June 2021, 7pm.

  1. Present
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Minutes of last meeting: Accuracy & Minutes of last Meeting: Matters Arising
  4. Declarations of Interest
  5. Ratification of decisions made by electronic vote between meetings (if required) (NH/AT)
  6. Chair’s Activity Summary (NH)
  7. Historic England Capacity Grant Report (NH/CH)
  • Definitive booklet (CH)
  • Heritage Crime (NH)
  1. Culture Recovery Fund Grant Report (NH/CH).
  • Business Plan
  • Website
  • Volunteering
  • Fund Raising
  • Budget spend
  1. National Lottery Heritage Fund bid with Darlington BC (NH)
  • Lime Cells refurbishment and office
  1. RHB contracts
  • Economic Impact Assessment (AT/NH)
  • Branding & Wayfinding’. (NH)
  1. The Globe (CH)
  2. Membership (PB)
  3. Accounts, HMRC/gift aid registration (IR/PB/NH)
  4. Planning (RC) In particular discussion of RHQ planning application.
  5. Fighting Cocks Projects updates  (RC/NH)
  6. Events (all)
  • Hackworth Park August 7th
  • Stockton Saturday 25th September
  1. AOB
  2. Date of next meeting (August 5th)