Meeting on 1st December 2022 at 7.00 pm (some will be there for 1825).

Meeting Agendas, Members

Venue – The Railway Tavern, North Road, Darlington.

This is our pre-Christmas meeting so hopefully we can get through the agenda very quickly.

There will be a buffet to which we ask those attending to bring a contribution – thank you.

Please see below the agenda, minutes of previous meetings and various reports.

We are trying to limit the duration of all meetings to no longer than 2 hours.  For those members who will be attending the meeting could you please look through all of the reports, etc. to ascertain if there any questions which you can then raise at the meetings, time permitting.

2022-12-01 FSDR Meeting Agenda Railway Tavern

FSDR 22 11 03 rev

2022 – December Meeting Chair’s Activity Report

Editor and web masters report December meeting 2022

Planning Report 22.12.01

Membership Report 28.11.2022 AT

MSG report to FSDR meeting Dec 2022

Sub-Group Reports November 2022