Shire Book of Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways (pre-owned book)


This 32-page volume is an introduction to the fascinating world of industrial narrow gauge railways; typical of all Shire books it is a slim volume designed to introduce the reader to the subject but with further reading options towards the end. It examines those railways in Britain that served industry and had a track gauge smaller than the British ‘standard gauge’ of 4 feet 8 1/2 inches. Whether they were temporary contractor’s lines or more permanent installations, these meandering, often poorly maintained railways have a special fascination. This book deals in turn with the locomotives, the rolling stock and the track, describing their development. It pays tribute to the inventors of an earlier age and to the more recent groups of enthusiasts who have been keeping the ‘narrow’ tradition alive.
Black and white illustrations. Published in 1985 (first edition).

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The family of Peter Holmes, have kindly donated this copy to the Friends to raise money.


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