Railway Marvels (vintage)


Railway Marvels hardback book for children by Cecil J. Allen, first published c.1928, but this is a new and revised edition. It’s full title is ‘Railway Marvels. The Wonderful Railway Engineering Progress of One Hundred Years, Illustrated and Described for Children.’ Previously belonged to Peter Holmes who was given this for his 4th birthday on the 16th February 1933 by Kenneth. It did the job because Peter became a lifelong railway enthusiast and went on to publish books about the Stockton & Darlington Railway. So if you want to enthuse someone about railways and have hours of interest yourself, then this ancient and delightful book, could become your companion too. We suggest that it is a little grown up for day’s 4 year old though. Beautifully illustrated in colour and black and white and full of stories, descriptions, technical details and just everything you could want to know about Railways. If we had more storage space we’d hang on to this lovely, fully provenanced book.

The book covers are a little scuffed as you can imagine with it being so old. The binding is also beginning to come away (see photos), but Peter took care of his book and there are no pen marks or scribbles, just a little yellowing with age. Like all 90 year olds it needs gentle handling!

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The family of Peter Holmes, have kindly donated this copy to the Friends to raise money.


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