SDR Booklets Walks Complete Collection


A journey back in time. Enjoy all the walks in the series.  This collection forms the entire series of walks along the route of the 26 miles from Witton Park to Stockton. The leaflets were produced as part of the first stage of improving the interpretation and access to the line.

If you choose to purchase this collection, 8 printed colour copies, 1 of each walk in the series, will be posted out to you or to your chosen recipient.


Walk the Stockton and Darlington Railway with these informative booklets detailing the route and breaking it down into manageable walks.

The individual titles in the series include and can all be purchased separately:

S&DR Walk No. 1 Witton to West Auckland

S&DR Walk No. 2 West Auckland to Shildon

S&DR Walk No. 3 Shildon Circular

S&DR Walk No. 4 Shildon to Heighington

S&DR Walk No. 5 Darlington Circular

S&DR Walk No. 6 Darlington to Goosepool via Fighting Cocks

S&DR Walk No. 7 Preston Park to Stockton

S&DR Walk No. 8 Yarm Branch





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