Taking the S&DR to the World: 15th & 16th October 2019

While I was out Kris Hoellen, Executive Director of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum got in touch and invited me over that same afternoon or Wednesday afternoon – brilliant to make contact directly.  Unfortunately, it was too late to travel over (it takes about 2 hours from where I’m staying) on Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon didn’t work either – I might have missed my plane to Cincinnati.  So we arranged a phone call and I am going to email her as fully as possible and come back over later in the year to meet with her.  That’s no hardship whatsoever as far as I am concerned.  Washington is one of my favourite cities and I only saw two out of six floors of the African American Museum.

I am hoping that some of the people I have met this trip will be able to come over to England to attend our 195th anniversary celebration – and have some serious discussions with the Rail Heritage Board.

Our two contacts from the Lexington Group are definitely coming over to see us next May – so after meeting up with the Group in Santa Fe I will know more about the reasons for their visit.  My guess is it may be something to do with holding their Fall meeting 2025 in the NE to coincide with the Stockton & Darlington bicentenary – at least I hope so.