Taking the S&DR to the World: 19th October 2019

Detail From Cincinnati Union Station

Another really interesting day – nothing directly to do with the S&DR, but still to do with railways.  Our friend Steve took us to see the Art Deco 1930’s Cincinnati Union Station.  This wonderful building was nearly pulled down but was saved through public support and went through several incarnations before becoming what it is today – the Cincinnati Museum.  It is the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing this year, so we saw a new IMAX film of the launch, landing and return to Houston.  We also saw models of old Cincinnati and the railway inclines that used to take the trains up the steep hills that surround the city.  Like in many places, trains fell out of favour for passengers in Cincinnati, but it is amazing to see just much rail freight still passes through. From view points above the city you get impressive views of the rail yards and the trains below.  Huge cranes deal with the shipping containers that are carried by rail.