Taking the S&DR to the World: 20th October 2017

We had a really lazy day and didn’t really go anywhere much – until the evening when we attended a fund raiser at Cincinnati Art Museum.  It was a combination of jazz, food and a guided tour by our friend Helen to see some really impressive flower arrangements.  There were 88 in total so we couldn’t see all of them.  The idea is to create a flower arrangement that interprets an art work or artefact in the museum.  There were some stunning ones but one or two were just plain odd.  We saw a famous painting of the ‘Underground Railroad’ – not a true railroad but the route that fleeing slaves took from the south as they headed north to Canada and freedom.  The painting is dedicated to local people who helped the slaves – if you were caught you had all your property confiscated and ended up in jail.  They were brave people. 

I’m bringing home some ideas for fund raising that might be useful in the future.  In four days the Art Museum aimed to raise over $100,000 – and almost certainly has done.