Taking the S&DR to the World: 21st & 22nd October 2019

Sunday 21st October 2019

We went food shopping at Finlay Market and had a Japanese meal cooked by our friend Steve and then went out for desert – a favourite American pastime.  The ice cream was Italian and wonderful.  No railways at all – except we saw the views over the city down to the freight yards.

Monday 22nd October 2019

This may sound bizarre but we visited the most wonderful cemetery – the second biggest in America.  It is in a landscape made up of small valleys with wonderful trees going all sorts of beautiful colours as it is autumn here.  The sad thing is that for a very long time only white people were allowed to be buried here – there was only one cemetery in the city that would take African American burials. We flew out late afternoon on our way to Santa Fe to meet up with the Lexington Group.

Amazingly, we met another potentially useful contact in the airport at Denver, Colorado.  Her father is the senator who gave the eulogy at George HW Bush’s funeral and she knows many politicians through him.  She was on her way to London as she works with art galleries all over the world.   She was lovely and really interested in what we had to tell her about the S&DR project and the potential bid for Teesside to be the City of Culture in 2025.