Taking the S&DR to the World: October 24th 2019

I was delighted to find when I arrived to listen to Carlos’ lecture on: ‘The Milwaukee Road’s Pacific Extension, 1905 – 1925: How a Good Idea Went Wrong’ that I was not just learning about the history of a railroad – I was also learning about how in the USA they are also using old railway lines to develop walking and cycling routes – just as we hope to do for the S&DR.  Carlos just happened to be talking about one that is in the area around Seattle, where I will be going next summer (August) for the 2020 Presentation Summit.  So next summer we plan to ride some of this with our friends.  It really does look stunning – we might even end up on the Olympic Peninsula where the Twilight Saga was filmed.

John and I chose not to go on the afternoon excursion on the Rail Runner Express – we went out for the day to visit a national park which contains the remains of Anasazi (Native American Indian ancestors) villages and burial grounds.  It can’t all be about railways.