Steaming Ahead to 2025

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If you need help planning your own 2025 events, Cait Barratt the ‘S&DR Heritage & Community Participation Manager’ is the person to talk to. She has an S&DR Community Fund which can provide grants of a few hundred to a few thousand pounds and which are available over the next 4 years to help people celebrate and conserve the S&DR. If you have an idea then get in touch with Cait and she will provide initial feedback on your idea and if it fits the community grant objectives encourage you to submit an application. Ideas can be submitted to Cait here.

Cait also now has two officers supporting her in volunteer and education development.

The team of various officers in the local authorities including Niccy Hallifax the 2025 Festival Director, can all now be contacted through one single email address which is which people should use for any general enquiries.

If you need help getting your S&DR facts right for your event or your business advertising just contact the Friends of the S&DR using the contact button